Solutions for a Prestigious Mid-size Healthcare Facility


The Challenge:

ProMed Staffing Resources was approached in July by a prestigious mid-size healthcare facility in Upstate New York who needed urgent assistance with their medical staffing. The company had been using an in-house staff to handle their needs but were finding it difficult to keep up with the demand and to attract quality candidates. In addition, they had a couple of instances where the staff was unable to meet their obligations, which put the company at risk.

The Solution:

ProMed came in and quickly assessed the situation. They implemented a new staffing system that allowed the company to have access to a larger pool of potential accredited staff. They helped them place experienced Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and other healthcare workers in available positions. Within a week, the company was able to fill all their shifts with qualified staff. They were also able to help with the onboarding process and provided ongoing support to ensure that the placement was successful. They provided a better way to keep track of all employees, their credentials, and qualifications.

The Result:

The results were immediate, and the healthcare facility was able to get back on track with little disruption. Since, the company has been able to reduce its turnover rate by attracting and retaining top talent. They’ve also been able to improve their bottom line by reducing the amount of time and money they spend on recruiting and training new staff. Thanks to the professional guidance and timely assistance of ProMed Staffing Resources, the company was able to maintain its high standards of care and avoid any negative publicity. The staff is now better qualified and more reliable, and the company has peace of mind knowing that they can rely on ProMed Staffing Resources to handle their staffing needs.

Feedback From From Our Client:

“Working with ProMed Staffing Resources has been a lifesaver for us. We were in a bind, and they came in and took care of everything without skipping a beat. Since they came on board, we’ve been able to increase our capacity by 30% and provide better care for our community. They’re definitely our go-to staffing agency from now on. We’re extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend ProMed staffing resources to anyone in need of a quality staffing solution.”
– Director of Nursing, Upstate New York Healthcare Facility.