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Tips For Your Healthcare Job Interview

A job in the healthcare field is one of the most rewarding careers around. It’s an important opportunity you want to take seriously and be well prepared for, and that preparation begins with your interview. Whether it’s your first position or a new opening in the same facility, you want to make a good impression! Consider these tips for presenting your best self at your next interview:

  1. Be on time. Look up the address the night before and plan your route, take into account extra time for train delays or getting lost, and make sure you arrive to the facility at least 5 minutes before your scheduled interview time to fill out any necessary
  2. Dress appropriately. Dress for the job you want, dress for success. Clean, neat, wrinkle free, office wear. No sweatpants, no sneakers, no headphones around your neck. You want your outfit to reflect the professionalism that you will bring to the position.
  3. Do your research. Learn everything you can about the organization, staff, and the position itself; tools you can use for this are Google, the company website, and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.
  4.  Make a list of questions. After you’ve done your research, come up with some questions for interviewer. Preparing questions to ask prospective is crucial to making the best impression during a job interview, if you don’t ask questions you can appear disinterested or unprepared. In addition to questions that show your thoughtfulness and interest, take a moment to think of some short anecdotes that show the type of employee you are.
  5.  Bring everything you need. The final step in interview preparation is to have everything you need on hand. Two forms of ID and a fresh copy of your resume are usually what will be required of you, but it’s also useful to have the email and phone number of the person interviewing you should anything come up last minute. Knowing you’re prepared helps you to feel confident and makes for a better interview!

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