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Albayda Muwallad: Medical Assistants are the Back Eyes and Ears of Doctors

By ProMed Staff

Albayda Muwallad has been a Medical Assistant for the past eight years, having worked in different settings across the spectrum of care. When asked recently about why she chose healthcare as a profession, she responded, “because I love science and the medical field!” When asked further, Albayda revealed, “there are certain events in your life that leave a lasting impact on you. One such thing happened to me that changed my life. I was very young when my uncle, who I was very close to, passed away due to a heart attack. I clearly remember my dad’s words then, ‘I wish I was a doctor so I could do something to save my brother.’ That stuck with me.”

Although Albayda is not a doctor, she firmly believes that Medical Assistants are as much a valuable resource to the healthcare system as other medical professionals. “To put it simply, we are the back eyes and ears of doctors who are often stretched thin and have a limited amount of time to spend with each patient,” she said adding, “In short, we provide valuable assistance to doctors and nurses so that patients can get easier access to the care they deserve.”

As a healthcare professional, it is hard to balance being efficient in the job and taking the time to make every patient feel important, but Albayda makes it look so easy. She always finds a way to put those in her care at ease. A perfect example of that is the time one of her patients, an older woman who has cancer, was brought in for bleeding. She was extremely tensed and crying. “My first instinct was to calm her down. I strongly believe empathy is very important in this profession. I told her that she is in great hands and there is nothing to worry about. We had a nice sentimental talk before she was taken in. I felt that I was talking to my uncle, it was quite uplifting and fulfilling,” she said.


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ProMed Staffing Resource is proud to have Albayda Muwallad as part of its growing team of Medical Assistants working at some of the best hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities in New York City.

“Albayda is an exceptional Medical Assistant and consistently exceeds the expectations of every client,” said her ProMed Staffing Resources Manager Jacquelynn Mack. “She always has a positive attitude and easily adapts to the changing needs of our clients. She is very caring and goes above and beyond for everyone she is working with.”

When Albayda was asked what she loves the most about working for ProMed Staffing Resources, she immediately brought up the relationship she has with her recruiting team. “Tina Burton and Jacquelyn Mack are absolutely amazing to work with! I worked with them as a temp on two different projects and then got hired for a permanent position. I am so happy with my job,” she said, adding, “They deal with great private doctors and companies/hospitals all over the city that has amazing permanent positions and job offers.”

If you are a Medical Assistant who wants to work in some of the top medical facilities in New York City, email us today at

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