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How to Revitalize Your Nursing Career?

After experiencing the coronavirus pandemic, it’s safe to say that many are looking to add some variation to their lives. Nurses who’ve spent their time working in the thick of the global health crisis may be even more eager for change. Not only has the pandemic taken a toll on the mental health of many, but it’s also contributed to monotony at work and home. If you’re interested in pursuing different nursing career paths, there are many options available. Career changes for nurses can take many forms depending on your goals. Not sure where to start? A NYC nurse staffing agency can help, along with these tips.


ProMed Staffing Resources helps you with the advancement of your nursing career


Give Per Diem Work a Go

If you’re looking for a more flexible schedule, working per diem could be advantageous. Per diem work is temporary, with varying hours from week-to-week based on your availability. With this setup, you’re able to pick up extra shifts that are convenient for your schedule to fill in unexpected gaps in coverage at hospitals or healthcare facilities. Since you’re providing additional support, many of these coverage requests are last-minute which means the pay is often substantial.

Though per diem nursing does offer flexibility, there are some disadvantages such as lack of benefits and inconsistent income depending on your circumstances. However, working with a staffing agency can help to alleviate some of these challenges. You’ll be able to work with an experienced recruiter to find positions that best fit your lifestyle and needs.

You might want to consider temp positions. Temp positions in healthcare are a great way to improve your work-life balance compared to a typical nursing schedule and can help you reduce stress as a healthcare professional. Not to mention, you can also use this as an opportunity to experiment with new specialties or facilities.


Pursue Travel Nursing

Career changes for nurses are plentiful due to the high demand of the profession. If you’re looking for a substantial change in work and scenery, you might be interested in travel nursing. Travel healthcare can take you to another city or state. Similar to per diem work, these positions are usually short term to fill gaps in nursing shortages.

If you choose to explore this exciting option, it’s important to consider licensing. For instance, if you’re a nurse looking to practice in various states, research the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). NLC grants you one multistate license with the ability to practice in your home state and other compact states. In addition to licensing, it’s also important to consider the ins and outs of job relocation. While a nurse staffing agency might help with moving costs, don’t take this assistance for granted.

If your new job assignment is across the country, the moving and relocation expenses can add up along with the cost of new housing. To help manage the costs, create a budget for your move and calculate how much house you can afford in your new location. Determining these costs beforehand will help you get a better understanding of your finances and prevent you from overspending. If you pursue travel nursing, you should also consider how this career change will affect your family or spouse.


Further Your Education

Nursing is the country’s largest healthcare profession, which means there are plenty of nursing career paths to choose from. While many start as registered nurses (RNs), there are many opportunities to advance your nursing career, which often involves furthering your education. If you’re looking for a change, pursuing an additional degree or certification can help you learn new skills and take on new challenges. For instance, medical assistants or licensed practical nurses (LPNs) can get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to become an RN. Those who already have their BSN degree can pursue their Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) to become a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse leader, certified registered nurse anesthetist, and more.

While furthering your education allows you to advance in your career and secure a higher salary, tuition can be expensive upfront. Pursuing a new degree isn’t a decision to take lightly as it requires planning and money. If you’re already working as a nurse, some companies will pay for you to further your education with some stipulations. If this isn’t an option, you may need to take out student loans or use your savings to fund additional schooling. Either way, furthering your education is a direct and effective way to explore new nursing career paths.


Get a Nurse Recruiter Job

Looking for a job in nursing that doesn’t involve direct patient care? You can use your years of experience and clinical knowledge to become a nurse recruiter. In this career, you’ll be responsible for finding and hiring qualified nurses to work at healthcare facilities. As a nurse recruiter, you’ll need excellent people skills to identify the best candidates and build relationships with them. You’ll also use your industry knowledge to negotiate contracts and salaries on behalf of the nurses you recruit.

This is a desk job that requires excellent organizational skills. You’ll often be coordinating multiple job offers and keeping track of deadlines. If you’re interested in this career path, start by researching nurse recruiting agencies in your area or simply apply to ProMed Staffing Resources. ProMed is always looking for experienced nurses to help us place qualified candidates in top nursing jobs.


All in all, there are many things to consider when changing careers. It’s important to be proactive and do your research beforehand to make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into. Talk to mentors, colleagues, or other professionals in your network for advice and support as you navigate this decision. ProMed Staffing Resources is here to help you as you pursue your dream career in nursing. Contact us today to get started!



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