Compact Nursing License: Unleashing Your Career Potential

ProMed Staffing Resources’ Essential Guide to Obtaining a Compact Nursing License A Compact Nursing License (CNL), also known as a Multi-State License, is a game-changer for Registered Nurses (RNs) in the US. It provides the freedom to work across various states without the hassle of obtaining separate licenses. This not only simplifies the procedure but […]

Fostering Growth and Success through New Promotions

Lately, ProMed Staffing Resources has been in the throes of significant transformations. These encompass promotions of key staff members, realigning organizational structures, and a strong commitment to empowering our workforce. If you’re a healthcare professional, you may be wondering what these alterations could imply for your career. This blog post will explain the recent changes […]

Celebrating Black History Month: ProMed Staffing Resources

As we celebrate Black History Month, ProMed Staffing Resources is proud to take a moment and recognize the value that diversity brings to our organization. We are deeply committed to creating an inclusive working environment where every individual feels seen, safe, and empowered to reach their fullest potential. To get an insider’s look at what […]

ProMed Staffing Resources: Our Year in Review

2022 has been an exciting year here at ProMed Staffing Resources filled with growth, progress, and engagement both internally with employees as well as externally with members in the community. Our team continued its mission of being one of the top staffing agencies in the healthcare industry with an added focus on connecting people with […]

5 Reasons to Try Travel Nursing

Are you a nurse or healthcare professional looking for an exciting new opportunity? Have you considered travel nursing? Travel nursing offers many incredible benefits and can be a great way to gain valuable experience from the various healthcare environments that you are exposed to during your travels. With that in mind here are five reasons […]

ProMed Staffing Resources is Thankful for You!

Dear ProMed Staffing Resources family,   This year’s gone by in a flash and Thanksgiving is already upon us! As we sprint to the finish line to prepare for family and friends’ gatherings, set the dinner menu, get the shopping done, watch the parade, and so forth, let’s remember to take a moment to pause […]