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ProMed Staffing Resources: Our Year in Review

2022 has been an exciting year here at ProMed Staffing Resources filled with growth, progress, and engagement both internally with employees as well as externally with members in the community. Our team continued its mission of being one of the top staffing agencies in the healthcare industry with an added focus on connecting people with meaningful career opportunities – all while staying true to our core values such as integrity, respect, and leadership. Here’s a look at all that we have accomplished this year and how we plan to continue being a leader in the healthcare staffing industry.

Year in Review at ProMed Staffing Resources Rebranding

At ProMed, we believe in staying ahead of the curve and being on top of industry trends. We understand that to do so, we need to be constantly evolving – and that starts with our brand. That’s why this year we launched our new logo and social media platforms as part of our rebranding efforts. What’s more, we have an exciting website relaunch planned for 2023 – so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!


Valuing Our Clients and Candidates Feedback

2022 saw us expanding our team of recruiters each specialized in their respective areas, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best service possible when it comes to finding your next healthcare opportunity. Plus, we took your feedback seriously and restructured some parts of our business to continue providing an optimal experience for both candidates and clients. As a result, Nicole Hicks was promoted to Human Resources Manager while Jacquelynn Mack and Hemeden Haile were named Director of Recruitment and Associate Director of Recruitment respectively.

Year 2022 Holiday Toy Drive

Engaging with our Community

We know how important it is to give back to those around us—especially during times like these! Throughout 2022, we were able to organize campaigns such as Back to School Supplies Drive to lessen financial burdens on our field staff, Thanksgiving Fundraising in support of Friends of Karen’s Food Drive, and Holiday Toy Drive in support of The Gathering for Justice (TGJ). We also held several employee appreciations events throughout the year such as monthly luncheons, recognition awards, and bonus, Ice-Cream Palooza, and a Holiday Party to name a few —because everyone deserves recognition for their hard work and commitment!

All things considered, 2022 has been quite an eventful year for us here at ProMed Staffing Resources! As we get ready to tackle 2023, we want you all to know that here at ProMed Staffing Resources, we remain committed than ever before towards providing exceptional service for both candidates looking for their dream job or clients searching for top-notch talents. Thank you for being part of ProMed Staffing Resource’s journey this past year and here’s to an even brighter future ahead!


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