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4 Tips for Planning Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment

Turn Timing into Your Secret Superpower

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Ever found yourself scrambling at the last minute to secure your next travel nurse assignment? Or maybe you wonder how some nurses always seem to land the best gigs in the most desirable locations? Take the word of the most trusted travel nurse staffing agency: the secret is simple – timing. In the world of travel nursing, timing is indeed everything. This guide will walk you through when and how to start looking for your next assignment, offering tips on researching opportunities, locations, market pay rates, and making a smooth transition.

When to Start Looking for Your Next Assignment

Getting a Head Start

The best time to start looking for your next assignment is about six to eight weeks before your current contract ends. This window gives you ample time to research available positions, negotiate contracts, and make arrangements for housing and travel without feeling rushed. Early planning can also help you avoid gaps between assignments, ensuring a steady flow of income.

Market Trends and High-Demand Seasons

Understanding the market trends can significantly boost your chances of landing a prime assignment. For instance, certain regions have higher demand during specific seasons. Florida and Arizona see a spike in demand during winter, while tourist-heavy areas like California and Hawaii need more nurses during summer. By aligning your job search with these high-demand periods, you can increase your chances of finding a desirable position.


Researching Opportunities and Locations

Finding the Best Fit

Not all assignments are created equal, and the “best fit” varies from nurse to nurse. Consider factors like hospital reputation, patient population, work environment, and regional attractions. Partnering with a trusted travel nurse staffing agency offers tailored feedback and insights from dedicated travel recruiters who grasp your needs, desires, skills, and the specific requirements of clients.

Exploring New Horizons

Are you a beach lover or a mountain enthusiast? Do you prefer bustling cities or quiet towns? Researching the lifestyle and cost of living in potential locations can help you find an assignment that aligns with your personal preferences. Remember, travel nursing is not just about work; it’s also an opportunity to explore new places and cultures.


Understanding Market Pay Rates

Know Your Worth

Pay rates for travel nurses can differ significantly depending on location, specialty, and demand. Understanding the current market rates is crucial to avoid being underpaid. It’s also important to consider benefits such as housing stipends, travel reimbursements, and signing bonuses. Having a dedicated travel nurse recruiter can help you navigate these complexities, offering insights on untaxable stipends, bonuses, and other additional income opportunities.

Negotiating Like a Pro

Once you have an idea of the market rates, don’t be afraid to negotiate your contract. Highlight your experience, skills, and any certifications that make you stand out. A little negotiation can go a long way in securing a better deal.


Making a Smooth Transition

Packing Smart

Transitioning smoothly to your next assignment starts with packing smart. Create a checklist of essentials, including scrubs, personal items, and any specialized equipment you might need. Consider investing in quality luggage and travel organizers to keep everything in order.

Preparing Mentally and Emotionally

Moving to a new place every few months can be both exciting and challenging. Prepare yourself mentally by researching the local culture, healthcare system, and even a few fun facts about the area. Joining online communities of travel nurses can provide support and camaraderie, making the transition smoother.


Ready for Your Next Adventure?

Timing truly is everything when planning your next travel nurse assignment. By starting early, researching thoroughly, understanding market pay rates, and preparing for the transition, you can ensure a rewarding and stress-free experience. While planning your next adventure on your own can be fun, it might also be daunting. That’s why having a travel nurse staffing agency by your side can make all the difference.

At ProMed Staffing Resources, our dedicated travel nurse recruiters are ready to support you 24/7 in your search and help you secure your next travel contract, no matter your destination or RN specialty. Don’t wait—start planning your next adventure today!


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