What Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Means to Me

Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month is a time for ProMed Staffing Resources to celebrate the contributions of our Hispanic and Latinx employees to our company and our community. We are proud to have such a diverse workforce that is committed to making a difference. Below is a spotlight on some of our Hispanic and Latinx […]

Employee Recognition with an Ice Cream Palooza!

It’s been a busy summer here at ProMed Staffing Resources! And to mark the end of the season, we held an Ice Cream Palooza in partnership with Ben and Jerry’s for this month’s employee recognition celebration. Our employees enjoyed a wonderful selection of sensational ice cream flavors and an array of toppings. It was a […]

Promotion of Nicole Hicks to HR Manager

ProMed Staffing Resources is excited to announce the promotion of Nicole Hicks to HR Manager. Nicole has been a vital part of the PSR team of credentialing specialists, and a previous member of the payroll staff. In her new position, Nicole will manage day-to-day HR operations. This will include working with field staff on all […]

Top 10 Nursing and Healthcare Trends in 2022

The nursing and healthcare industry is constantly evolving. New technologies and treatments are continuously being developed, and trends come and go. Since the pandemic began, there have been many changes in the nursing and healthcare industry. And with the advent of Monkeypox and other new diseases, Nurses have had to adapt to new ways of […]

Winners of ProMed Staffing Resources “Back to School for All” Giveaway

Giving back is one of the core values at ProMed Staffing Resources. This 2022 “Back to School for All” giveaway was designed to nurture that value and show some appreciation to their field staff from recruiters to registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified nurse assistants, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants, administrative assistants, and registrars […]

Monthly Employee Recognition Celebration: A Time to Shine!

While working hard towards our goals is always a priority, at ProMed Staffing Resources we also believe in taking time to come together and celebrate our milestones and recognize employees who are going above and beyond and contributing to the success of our staffing agency. On Thursday, August 18th, we did just that by hosting […]