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Celebrating Black History Month: ProMed Staffing Resources

As we celebrate Black History Month, ProMed Staffing Resources is proud to take a moment and recognize the value that diversity brings to our organization. We are deeply committed to creating an inclusive working environment where every individual feels seen, safe, and empowered to reach their fullest potential. To get an insider’s look at what it’s like to work here, we asked 5 members of our staff about their unique experiences and what they appreciate most about ProMed.


Black History Month at ProMed Staffing Resources


Hemeden Haile, Associate Director of Recruitment shared: “ProMed Staffing Resources has given me the opportunity to grow and develop in my career, elevating me from Senior Nurse Recruiter to Associate Director of Recruitment. The culture here is supportive and inclusive, allowing us to give our best with no fear of judgement or criticism. I am grateful for the invaluable resources that were made available to me to succeed and the constant assurance that my contributions are seen, valued, and appreciated.”


Nicole Hicks, HR Manager expressed: “I was given the chance to prove myself through ProMed Staffing Resources, and they rewarded me with an amazing promotion to HR Manager. I feel extremely grateful for Maria Bingeman, ProMed Staffing Resources Vice President, who provided me with the support and guidance I needed to advance in my career. It is rare to find that type of leadership in today’s world, but ProMed Staffing Resources has it!


Additionally, Allison McGregor, Recruiter – Long Term Care Division said: “ProMed Staffing Resources has given me the freedom and flexibility to explore my interests as well as create career paths tailored to my individual needs. Additionally, I am surrounded by other talented black professionals who provide me with inspiration every day as they strive towards their own successes, while supporting one another in reaching their career goals.”


Christina Ali, Recruiter – Allied Health and Administrative Division added: “For me, being part of a diverse and inclusive work environment is essential. I am truly blessed by ProMed Staffing Resources for the way they have welcomed me and given me the chance to grow both personally and professionally. I also feel privileged to be in a position to help job seekers including black professionals land their dream jobs in the healthcare industry regardless of their racial or ethnic background.”


Carlhenry Michel, Director of Recruitment – Travel Nurse Division shared: “ProMed Staffing Resources has been immensely supportive throughout my journey here. I am proud to work for such an open minded and progressive organization that not only gives back to its own staff but also helps other black professionals land their dream jobs by providing them with career advancement opportunities. This speaks to the Great Place to Work certification that ProMed Staffing Resources received with 97% approval rate from our employees.”


Jacquelynn Mack-Torres, Director of Recruitment – Nursing Division concluded: “ProMed Staffing Resources is a place of inclusion and understanding. We continuously strive to create an environment where our differences are celebrated. Their commitment to diversity is visible in their everyday actions, making them an employer of choice for black professionals. And as the longest tenured African American employee at ProMed Staffing Resources, I am proud to be part of this incredible team.”


As we reflect on the contributions people of color have made in our history and in our community, let us continue to strive this Black History Month and every day for a more diverse, inclusive, and safe workplace. We invite you to join our talented team of professional recruiters and allow ProMed Staffing Resources to help you on your journey to creating your career path.


Happy Black History Month!



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