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Fostering Growth and Success through New Promotions

Lately, ProMed Staffing Resources has been in the throes of significant transformations. These encompass promotions of key staff members, realigning organizational structures, and a strong commitment to empowering our workforce. If you’re a healthcare professional, you may be wondering what these alterations could imply for your career. This blog post will explain the recent changes at ProMed Staffing Resources and show what makes us different from other staffing firms.

To kick things off, we are elated to share a major progression within our team. We promoted Jacquelynn Mack-Torres from Director of Recruitment for the Nursing Division to Senior Director of Recruitment. In this role, she will be supervising both the Nursing and Social Work Divisions.

We hold Jacquelynn in high esteem for her ability to nurture relationships and generate impactful outcomes for our clientele. Her promotion is an acknowledgment of her unwavering commitment and tireless efforts. We are eagerly awaiting the accomplishments she will manifest in this expanded role.

Jacquelynn Mack-Torres promoted to Senior Director of Recruitment


“I am thrilled and grateful for this chance to further my career development with ProMed Staffing Resources,” said Jacquelynn Mack-Torres. “The faith and assurance in me to provide leadership in merging two divisions is humbling. Backed by our phenomenal team, I am keen to drive success with ProMed Staffing Resources and keep propelling us forward.”




Furthermore, we are excited to announce Jessica Swanson’s appointment as the new Director of Recruitment for the Travel Nurse Division. With ten years of staffing experience and a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, Jessica is a natural fit to lead our travel nurse team.

Jessica Swanson named new Director of Recruitment for the Travel Nurse Division



In response to her appointment, Jessica stated, “I am ecstatic to head the travel nurse division at ProMed Staffing Resources. I am looking forward to collaborating with our team members to conceive innovative strategies that will stimulate growth. I am looking forward to the chance to continue our pledge to offer an excellent experience to our nurses and clients.




We also take immense pride in announcing Jerell Olivares’ promotion from Senior Recruiter to Associate Director of Recruitment for the Administrative/Allied Division. For over two years, Jerell has been a part of our company, consistently showcasing his leadership skills and devotion to our mission.

Jerell Olivares promoted to Associate Director of Recruitment - Administrative/Allied Division



“I am honored by the opportunity to assume this new role and keep making a difference for our clients and candidates,” Jerell commented. “ProMed is genuinely a great place to work, and I am privileged to be part of this incredible team.”





At ProMed Staffing Resources, our sense of accomplishment comes from providing exceptional service to our clients and candidates. Yet, our commitment to excellence transcends our customers. We prioritize the employee experience, offering ample opportunities for growth, promotions, and learning new skills.

We are proud to have secured the Great Place to Work Certification, with a 97% approval rating from our employees. This remarkable score significantly outstrips the average approval rating of 57% at other US-based companies.

Basically, these recent promotions and changes will help us keep fulfilling our promise. We are optimistic about the future and invite you to accompany us on this journey. With ProMed Staffing Resources, you can be sure you’re working with a team that appreciates your work, supports your career growth, and promotes a culture of excellence.

In the long term, these changes aim to foster professional development, expand the skill set of our employees, and ensure their satisfaction. This commitment to growth and learning new skills is what sets ProMed apart in the staffing industry. We believe in investing in our people, recognizing that their growth contributes directly to the success of our organization.

In conclusion, at ProMed Staffing Resources, we don’t just fill positions; we build careers. Our focus on promotions, professional development and continuous learning ensures our team stays ahead of industry trends and delivers exceptional results to our clients and candidates. So, if you’re looking for a place to grow your career in healthcare staffing, consider ProMed Staffing Resources. We’re not just a staffing firm; we’re a partner in your career growth.


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